Car Insurance in Greater Baton Rouge

The unexpected is commonplace in Louisiana, as anyone who drives here knows. Owning a vehicle in Louisiana can be very expensive these days—from gas prices to poor road conditions throughout our state, plus the dangers inherent in our coastal weather patterns. Car insurance is mandatory, in part for these reasons.

What Is Car Insurance?

Car insurance financially protects the policyholder and the vehicle by providing a safety net in times of need. Depending on terms and deductibles, auto insurance can vary from essential coverage as required by law (usually liability) to comprehensive full-value collision, liability, and maintenance coverage.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Cars cost—to buy, to maintain, and to repair or replace, let alone to use every day as most drivers do. Insurance helps to compensate for the ever-present risks of other drivers, accidents, breakdowns, and unforeseen weather damage on the road. The money to fix any one of these issues could potentially break the average bank, and they could all happen at any time. With the right insurance protecting people and property, a properly insured driver need only worry about the road.

What Does Car Insurance Cover?

Car insurance policies are designed to respond to the realities of drivers and automobiles, with degrees of coverage ranging from the state-required minimal to comprehensive.

When accidents occur, liability coverage may pay some or all of the medical and/or legal expenses involved. Roadside assistance may provide towing, gas, or even on-site tire replacement. Personal injury or medical expense insurance may supplement coverage for the policyholder and/or other injured parties. Collision coverage will help pay for accident damage, regardless of fault under some policies. Uninsured motorist protection insures the policyholder against other drivers who cause accidents but have no coverage. Comprehensive, full-value collision insurance can replace totaled vehicles.

In the event of a disaster such as an act of nature or theft, comprehensive coverage may repair or fully replace insured vehicles, which homeowners’ insurance may not cover. Car liability insurance can also extend to watercraft or other “fifth-wheels” while in tow, but not while in use (RV, boat, and personal watercraft insurance covers these specific recreational vehicles on water or land). For many auto owners, though, the most important coverage that comprehensive car insurance gives is peace of mind.

What Questions Should I Ask My Agent?

Before deciding on the type or level of coverage with an insurance agent, owners should first ask about minimum state requirements in Louisiana to be sure they’ll be covered. At Losey Insurance & Financial Services, we always advise our clients to consider exceeding those guidelines in order to further insulate themselves from potential problems. A family of local, experienced sisters, we have been underwriting personal insurance as well as commercial and umbrella policies in Louisiana for over 30 years. We understand what good coverage means for you, and that’s why you matter to us. For car insurance that protects you on or off the road in greater Baton Rouge.