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Client Feedback

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, and endeavor to know and understand your financial situation to provide you with quality service to help you reach your goals.

Our clients say it best:

* Your expertise has been amazing as I work my way through our flood claim. Thank you very much.

* My brother has had insurance with you for many years. His home received several feet of water while he was in the hospital in August. I have been helping his family put the home back together. The professionalism of you and your staff is unbelievable. You far exceeded my expectations and I'm grateful my insurance is now with you all too.

* Thank you to the Losey's for helping me with my flood claim. Our neighbor, had recommended me to you several times over the past years. Your customer service on my NFIP policy was outstanding. I wish I'd called sooner.

* Great people and great products! Thank you for 15+ years of serving my family's needs.

* I fell in love with my ELP. He took the time to research the best coverage for my family and budget. I now understand my insurance coverages and why I need them because Losey has the heart of a teacher. Thanks to Dave Ramsey for the recommendation.

* My family has had insurance with Losey for over a decade. Losey's patience and attention to detail is why I had flood insurance when my house flooded --even though my home is paid for.  We can't thank you enough!

* You all are the best insurance agent I have ever had. Thank you so much. I appreciate all your efforts. While I had friends and neighbors struggling with their claims, I had a resource I could count on to be my advocate.

* I called earlier this year to let you know that I wanted to cancel my flood insurance because it wasn't required by my mortgage company. You counseled me and I decided to pay the premium one more year. WOW! My home received 2 feet of water in the August flooding. Thank you for being available to help me make informed decisions.

* Thank you, thank you, thank you for explaining to my husband and I our need for flood insurance although our home is located in an "X" zone. Even though our home flooded, we are comforted in knowing that we are prepared to rebuild without tapping into our savings. 

* Wants consumers to know what they have and what they are getting; great educator of Louisiana insurance. Embracing the helping others approach to insurance was welcoming. Very satisfied. 

* We were very satisfied with the whole experience at Losey Insurance. Went over our policies line by line and explained everything we needed to know. We were able to get more coverage for less money. Very patient and thorough. When we left the office, we both thanked God for the course we took. We were underinsured and paying too much. Thank you so much! We have already referred Losey to our friends.

* Very consistent with the teachings of Dave Ramsey. Explained all the details on being under insured and then within our specific state items that we did or did not need. Used examples to illustrate how the specific coverage applies or does not apply. Another great learning experience!

* Very professional. Determined to help us. Went out of his way with auto insurance phone calls on a late Friday evening. Saved us money and we even have more coverage; was very informative I've already recommended to friends.

* Extremely thorough, helpful and not pressuring, which we were very appreciative of. Losey helped us save nearly 1000 dollars a year in insurance and we could not be more pleased!

* Excellent customer service! Insurance doesn't seem so overwhelming with your agency.

* We consulted with you through the ELP program in Baton Rouge.  You were very helpful and informative, and we walked away with auto and homeowner's insurance coverages at a cost more affordable than we had previously.

* We were very satisfied with the whole experience at Losey Insurance Agency. Losey went over our policies line by line and explained everything we needed to know. We were able to get more coverage for less money. Losey is very patient and thorough.  When we left the office we both thanked God for the Dave Ramsey course we took. We were underinsured and paying too much for our insurance. Thank you so much!

* I met with Losey today and was very pleased. They saved me about $2000 a year for more insurance than I had. This Rocks!

* My time with this family agency was quite long due to circumstances they nor I had any control over. We all ended up concerned at this, but Losey Insurance got the job done!!!!! I am always where I need to be, even if I don't like it. For me personally, it eases my anxiety and my new business partners too! Thanks so much for all your help and saving me so much money while getting me more coverage!

* My wife and I were thoroughly impressed with Losey's knowledge as well as their ability to communicate at a level we could understand. We had a 1 hour appointment, but I was floored when we spent 3.5 hours with Losey and staff. They were very patient and we ended up purchasing much more comprehensive coverage for about the same price as what we previously had. Thanks Dave for the recommendation. Losey truly represents the values you teach. We have already scheduled another appointment to discuss our goals for the future.

* Two days after I called for a quote, Losey surprised me with a quote for more coverages and savings of over $1400 a year. I could not be more thankful! I have shared your information with several friends and family members.

* Losey was very helpful informing us of the coverage and explaining things that we should know so we could make good decision nd coverage that Losey thought we should have. We got better coverage on all the policies which we needed.

* My experience was a little rocky in the beginning. But once we were able to meet, I was totally pleased. I felt much better and more at ease with purchasing Insurance. Losey took the time to explain everything, answered all my questions, and even stayed late on a weekday evening. I would recommend Losey to ANYONE!

* I waited for quotes only considering a change.  Once I received them, the choice was simple.  Thanks!

* Definitely not pushy salesman as I expected. Has the heart of a teacher. Could not believe my family was able to save so much money!

* Losey was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. They were able to find us auto and homeowner's insurance for a much better price than we had been paying. I felt good with my decision to meet with them and choose them to be my agent.

* I wanted simple auto and renter's policies that would properly protect my family. Losey was a perfect fit for us and offered great premiums.

* I requested a baseline quote so that I could compare the price with their quotes from other sources. Losey explained that I should look at the situation from another angle and explained additional coverages I was missing. Thanks!!!

* My experience was really great. I didn't have much knowledge about all the options and details on insurance and feel that Losey really explained everything well and made me feel like I was getting the best coverage for the least amount of money. I did not feel like Losey was trying to give me things I didn't need. I knew Losey had my best interest in mind. Looking forward to working with Losey more in the future.

* We had been thinking and praying about changing Insurance companies, when I started listening to the Dave Ramsey Show and he told us a website to go too, we called and set up an appointment and we thank the Lord that we changed over and the money we were saving and better coverage, we want to be good stewards on what the Lord had blessed us with. God bless you and what you are doing thank you!!!

* Losey was great. I expected a phone call in a week or so and got one right away. Losey took down my information and had everything set up in about two days. Losey took down my information, and had everything set up in about two days. Very fast, very professional. Made sure I was the hold up and not them. Truly a rare find!!!

* We appreciated the knowledge that was given and the time that was taken with us. Everyone should be aware of what their insurance covers and what it does not, and we believe that we became well informed during our visit. We could not be happier and look forward to doing more business with this company in the future. Thanks!

* Very satisfied. I now have a much better policy for much less premium. Thanks Losey!

* We found out that we were overpaying for homeowner's insurance and we were over covered in some areas. We were overpaying for car insurance for the lowest coverage. Now we are paying less for more coverage still. Losey and his family are respectable and top notch. Losey's on it. Thanks Dave!

* Felt like Losey was trying to sell me more than what I was looking for in homeowner's insurance, but then Losey explained where I could better understand. Losey family has the heart of teachers!

* A great educator of Louisiana Insurance and what the Insurance Company Executives probably don't want consumers to know. Losey embraces the helping others approach to insurance.

* I found Losey to be VERY informative and was able to explain insurance ins and outs in ways that I understood. Although at our face to face meeting my family did have to wait a while, I felt that if was worth the wait. Especially since I could see that he was helping someone else and was very patient with them too. The staff is extremely considerate of us and very knowledgeable. Not only will we be saving money, we will have better coverage!

*I could not have found a better Insurance agency. Losey was great. Thanks Dave for the ELP Program!

* Today I met with the ELP to discuss out car, renters insurance. Now, Losey found something which would be $1000 savings a year even with the small parking lot incident on my record.

* Great Experience! ELP was a teacher to both my wife and I.

* I was very pleased with the knowledge Losey showed. The time was not rushed. I feel like I received the knowledge I needed to make the choices I made. I have and continue to recommend Losey to others.

* Losey was so full of knowledge about the insurance and financial fields that if blew us away. We were very happy with the quotes Losey gave us and will be coming back for term life and disability. We were so glad to have followed up and are glad to have someone on our side for once when it comes to insurance.

* Losey was extremely knowledgeable about homeowner's insurance and flood insurance. Overall I saved about $1000 every six months. I have referred several of my friends and family. Much appreciated!

* Not convenient to purchase policy in person, but we were so glad we came to Losey anyway. Highly recommended to others.

* Losey was very informative and wanted to make sure that I understood what I was purchasing and the insurance laws in Louisiana to help me make good decisions. Losey was flexible when I was late and considerate of my time.

* Thoroughly impressed with Losey's knowledge not only of his own products but also the competition's as well.

* Hi. I was hesitant on changing insurance agents, but was soon very impressed with the knowledge of insurance Losey had. It was a pleasure doing business with Losey and his professional office staff. He has proven that he has saved me not just a few dollars but a few hundred dollars. I have made a list of family and friends to suggest they contact Losey right away! Thank you for your professional services and knowledge.

* I really enjoyed talking to Losey today. Top notch group of insurance professionals. Walked away with much more than I bargained for and very thankful.

* Elite service! Thankful we met.

* Took about a week to get my quotes, but when they called me with them, I scheduled an appointment and bought a policy.

* I am very happy to be doing business with Losey. Very courteous and knowledgeable staff.

* Left feeling extremely confident and knowledgeable of what type of coverage we have on homeowners and auto (extremely confident that we have better coverage at a much lower premium).  Looking forward to getting debt free so we can go back to Mr. Losey to help us invest correctly. Very thankful for meeting him and his family.

* The experience I had was very good it was just insurance really confused me and I had worked he night before so I was really tired but they explained everything fine. And it was greatly appreciated so thanks to your team and for having the heart of a teacher.

* I was just looking for different insurance companies and remembered the ELP so I checked it out. I didn't realize he would call me so soon.  I was not disappointed with the service I received from Losey. If we have other insurance needs in the future, we will definitely call them and recommend them to friends.

* Losey did a great job of explaining the elements of my policies, the pros and cons of each. I have been having insurance for years, but now I have a much better understanding of what my policies mean.

* Losey was very knowledgeable about insurance. I loved working with Losey once they got back with me on my quotes.

* I love my new insurance agent! Losey is very knowledgeable and explains everything so I have a complete understanding of what I am purchasing. Losey did everything they could to get me excellent coverage at a reasonable premium. I purchased auto, home, flood, umbrella, term, and disability. Losey is a flood expert. I was with my last agency since 1994 and every time I needed them to help me I was declined any help --when I needed help the most. Thank you so much for fixing me up, the ELP Program has benefitted me a lot.

* Losey was very knowledgeable of every question I asked. I am very satisfied and will recommend my ELP to my friends and family.

* Losey was really helpful in writing both my auto and homeowner's policy. Losey was very knowledgeable and took the time to really go thought what I was buying and the reasons it was important to have. It also meant a lot to have a Christian to work with that was more interested in my family and not just getting my business. Greg office staff also very professional, via email or phone.

* I spoke with Losey once and gave all my information. Losey got back to me in about a week with all my quotes. I came in to the office to get everything al l taken care of, and they were extremely professional and cared about teaching me and saving my family money.

* I called Losey and explained that I needed quotes the same day and that I knew from my friend who referred me to Losey that was not how they operated. However, I was in the process of relocating and wanted to take care of business on my interim trip for the closing.  Losey's staff exceeded my expectations! They got me better quotes than my mortgage broker or my real estate agent and offered more coverage. I was thrilled and have recommended Losey and his family to several of my new coworkers.

* Referred Losey to a friend after he helped our family.  They treated my friend the same as they treated me. Hard to find such caring a personalized service today.

* Losey is INCREDIBLE! What an excellent choice for an insurance agency! They have the heart of a teacher, unmatched knowledge in insurance and investment areas. What I really liked about Losey is their love for Christ and their family. Losey and staff (family), treated me and my wife like their own. Truly met and exceeded our needs. I look forward to annual coverage reviews and working with them.  My family has already called and began to work with them as well.

* I do not live in Louisiana, but called Losey for insurance quotes based on my family's recommendation. Losey and staff are pleasant and were able to accommodate my being in another state as though it were commonplace. It made me at ease and I appreciated that they gave me the same service that I anticipated and were able to find me better coverage and save me lots of money to put towards savings. Thanks!

* I love my new insurance agent. Isn't that a crazy thing to say? Losey gave me all the options I needed at a fair price.

* I sent them a copy of my existing coverages and gave them some other key pieces of info. They were able to professionally advise me of gaps in my coverages and make recommendations to better protect my assets.  Thanks!

* After meeting with Losey, I understand why it takes a while to get an appointment. If they give every one of their clients the service I received, they are worth the wait --very professional practice.

* Losey saved us over $1200 a year on our car insurance with more coverage than on our previous policy. He also saved us $500 a year on our homeowner's policy and GOT RID OF OUR HURRICANE DEDUCTIBLE! Losey spent a lot of time with us and explained which policy would be best for our family. He helped us to really understand how insurance works. I have recommended Losey to everyone we know. Thanks for offering this great service.

* Very happy with the service. I learned a lot about insurance industry and Louisiana insurance law.

* Not sure if they understood that I was a one-person business. But they made me feel good about the technical answers to my questions and treated me as though I were the owner of a much larger business. Very pleased with my interactions with Losey and look forward to growing our relationship as my business grows.

* We are so very blessed to have met the Losey family. God knows our future and we were prepared with adequate coverage in our time of need.

* Insurance can be extremely frustrating, but Losey changed all that for us. I am confident in the coverages that we have and thankful to be rid of our absurd homeowner's deductible. We were brainwashed by a brand, but no more. Thanks for taking time to teach us.

* Losey put me right where I needed to be and saved me money.

* Losey is very much "in the know" of the insurance business. He had multiple ways of getting the cost down and increasing the amounts of coverage. Very knowledgeable and good explanations of "why and why not" on the types and amounts of insurances recommended.

* VERY informative and saved money with more and better coverage. Thanks so much.

* Losey answered all our questions and gave us advice. Losey explained things in detail, which we needed. Losey worked very hard for us. We are grateful.

* I called several agencies for quotes. Losey was the only one who asked me detailed questions up front and took the time to explain all the coverage options that were available to me. I was simply blown awa by the detail Losey provided to quote me. The other agencies didn't even come close to the quotes or service I received from Losey. Losey even explained red flags to be aware of when comparing insurance companies. VERY SATISFIED! Referring friends, family, and coworkers.

* I decided I needed to look around for new insurance. A friend told me that Losey would look around for me. Losey got me several quotes with lots of different coverage options. Losey reviewed these with me and helped me choose the coverages that make a lot of sense! We got it squared away and I am saving $500 a year. I would like to say thank you!